40GA geoberia

1st International Electronic Conference on Geosciences, 2018 (IECG 2018).
15 al 30 junio de 2018

This electronic conference offers a forum for researchers engaged in the study of all interdisciplinary aspects of the earth and planetary sciences to present their research and exchange ideas with their colleagues. This online conference will allow you to participate without having to leave home saving you time, travel and participation expenses while at the same time gaining new information on current research in geosciences.

This electronic conference concerns all subjects covered by the journal scope of Geosciences (http://www.mdpi.com/journal/geosciences/about). In this first edition, the following selected themes will be covered more specifically:

  • A: Environmental Geochemistry: Geogenic versus Anthropogenic Source (Convenor: Prof. Dr. Maurizio Barbieri)
  • B: Paleontology (Convenor: Prof. Dr. Maria Helena Henriques)
  • C: Planetary Geology and Earth Analogs (Convenors: Dr. Matteo Massironi, Dr. Francesco Sauro and Prof. Dr. Jesus Martinez-Frias)
  • D: Meteorites (Convenor: Dr. Hasnaa Chennaoui)
  • E: Non-Destructive Characterization of Geologic Materials (Convenor: Dr. Carlos Alves)
  • F: Education and Capacity Building in Geosciences (Convenor: Gloria Jódar Valderrama)
  • G: Medical Geology (Convenor: Jose Centeno)
  • H: Earth Sciences through Earth Observation (Convenor: Dr. Deodato Tapete)

Más info: https://sciforum.net/conference/IECG_2018

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